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The Public Works Department, Rayville, LA

David Standifer
Superintendent, Public Works

Under the leadership of Superintendent David Standifer and the hard working Public Works crew in the Town of Rayville strives hard, day and night, to assist the citizens with issues of sewer, water, and street. Our Public Works Department also looks after community upkeep in regards to trash and litter, and ensures the low numbers of mosquitos through spraying and lawn maintenance.


David Standifier | Superintendent of Public Works

With the assistance of grants, the Public Works Department is able to demolish old abandoned houses that are health hazards as well as eye sores to the community. With the request of work orders through the town, Public Works will continue assist with all municipal projects, each in proper order, to accommodate the citizens of the Town of Rayville.

Other employees include:

Alton Thomas - Mechanic

  • Water/ Sewer - George Wilhite, Michael Lawson, Curtis Jones, Henry Smith, Lance Dorsey
  • Meter Readers - Ervin Miles, Larry Johnson
  • Waste Water Treament Plant - John House
  • Streets - Archie Green, Douglas Kelley, Edward Minnieweather, Charlie Island, Eric Harris
Public Works Staff

For more information about the Public Works Department or Superintendent David Standifer, please feel free to contact the Town of Rayville, LA at 318-728-2011.