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Developing the Economy of Rayville

Economic Development | Airport Manager
James Smith

Economic Development works closely with other town staff in promoting business interests and economic development within the community. Working with all noted departments in providing guidance to individuals and companies, the Office also tries to establish, relocate, and expand enterprise all throughout Rayville, LA to achieve various lucrative goals and objectives through continued prosperity.

The Office of Economic Development promotes the Industrial Park, sale of lots, and the orderly development of projects within the parks. They maintain a liaison with various local, state, and federal agencies; coordinating projects deemed necessary and appropriate. Finally, it is the goal of the Office of Economic Development to maintain strong working relationships with the general public, area businesses, clients, the media, and others.

James Smith

Under the leadership of James Smith, the John H. Hooks, Jr. Airport has had numerous improvements and updates through land acquisition, obstruction removal, tree removal, fence repair, and the South Ag Ramp Rehabilitation to assure compliance of (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration. The Aiport is currently operating with 20 hangers for lease of private planes.

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