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The Office of the Town Clerk of Rayville

The Town Clerk is an administrative position whose responsibilities include:

  • Supervising oversight in directing the activities of the Office of Town Clerk on the whole
  • Directing and conducting all activities which are legally established under the Lawrason Act Acting as the custodian of the corporate seal
  • Keeping official records, books, and minutes of the Board of Aldermen
  • Attesting to the validity of the public records, municipal enactments, and all legal documents that have been adopted or approved by the Board of Aldermen
  • Scheduling of meetings along with the coordination and dissemination of information to the Board of Aldermen, department heads, and the public
  • Acting as the liaison between the Town of Rayville, LA, and the general public
  • Certifying municipal records, property insurance on town property tax, electrical permits, and other legal items
  • Serving as Clerk of Court for the municipal courts
  • Maintaining court dockets
  • Preparing all grant documents and occupational license taxes
  • Preparing annual budgets for all departments
  • Countersigning checks for the payment of town bills.
  • And much more…

Town Clerk Employees

For more information about the Office of the Town Clerk, or to inquire about legal documents or requirements of any kind, please feel free to contact us at 318-728-2011.

Deborah T. Nealon

Town Clerk

LaKesha Loyd

Administrative Assistant

Willandria Gilbert

Utility Clerk

Franchisca Hatton

Police Clerk

Valarie D. Wilson

Payroll Clerk

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